Posted on: February 18th, 2017 by Anthony

How to follow the Do This, Eat That plan for the Holidays

Here is a list of the most common holiday foods along with the appropriate exercises you can perform before consuming them in order to optimize body chemistry and help you maintain your fat burning goals.

The exercises can be performed up to 2 hours before consuming these popular Holiday foods, however closer to consumption would be optimal.

Turkey (or fish or chicken) any portion – No exercise! Great fat loss food

Mashed Potatoes (6 ounces) – 15 minute walk and 30 pushups (add 25 jumping jacks per tablespoon of butter or cheese)

Stuffing (6 ounces)– 20 situps, 75 jumping jacks and 40 squats

Gravy (1/4 cup)- 5 minute walk and 15 pushups

Cranberry Sauce(1/4 cup)- 75 mountain climbers and 30 walking lunges

Yams (6 ounces) – 15 minute walk and 30 pushups (add 3 minutes jumping rope, 50 pushups and 60 squats for marshmallows on top)

Dessert (1 slice of pie 3” at widest end OR 3 cookies with a 3” diameter)– 3 minutes jumping rope, 50 pushups and 60 squats

Alcohol (2 drinks)- 30 leapfrog squats, 50 pushups and 30 walking lunges each side

Salad/Vegetables any portion – No exercise! Great fat loss food (add 30 pushups per tablespoon of dressing or butter or cheese)

Do This Eat That
A little more information about Do This, Eat That:

– It teaches you the very foundation of proper eating and training, and EVERYONE, regardless of goals, should be educated on the fundamentals discussed in this book.

– It is easy to understand and easy to apply. No complicated formulas or food restrictions.

– It is highly modifiable and adaptable to fit any individual’s particular needs and abilities. No matter your goals, schedule, budget, or current physical condition, this plan can improve your quality of life.

– It is incredibly effective used on its own and can also be added to an existing nutrition or fitness plan.

– It can be done in any environment including the gym, home, office, outdoors… Anywhere!

Want to learn more? The complete Do This, Eat That book is available at the club. We have a copy out for you to reference, or you can get your own!

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