Posted on: February 18th, 2017 by Anthony

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The biggest reason an individual loses their independence is that they are no longer able to or are safe enough to get up on their own. The inability to transfer from one surface to another often leads to the need for 24 hour care by family or friends, home nursing, or a skilled nursing facility.
Every one of us has the ability to do what is necessary to delay or prevent that day from ever coming…
The answer: Train Squats

What does it mean to train squats?
– Become educated in the proper mechanics and muscles involved in order to perform squats
– Learn what your current squat level is and how to progress it.
– Learn how to improve your ability to squat through training different intensities (ex: frequency, total volume, maximal effort, speed) at various ranges of motion. Even though you may not be able to stand up from a chair unassisted you may be able to add resistance from a higher surface.

At any age, take the time to train squats as much as you can for maximal results or at least once per week to maintain your current level of function. Do this consistently and you will be taking huge strides towards preventing the day that you won’t be able to get up anymore.

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