Over 100 CampoTrained and counting!

Anthony Tedeschi Retired, World War II Veteran, just turned 90!

Mr. Tedeschi is my grandfather. After a decline in health in recent years he decided to do something about it and come to the gym to work with me. He had never once step foot in a gym before now. He has put in the hard work and dedication needed to get his body to make some positive adaptions even at an advanced age. I am proud to say that after a year of proper training he is at the best shape he has been at in years. His strength, endurance, functional range of motion, and balance are now at a level where he is able to do some advanced training. With continued training and progression he will have no problem staying independent and highly functional for as long as he wants.

Chris Mitchell Medical Transporter

Chris had been no stranger to the gym over the years. He has been very consistent for a long time, and had built a pretty nice physique and base of strength. Chris was ready for something to put him over the top, and seeing what some of my other clients could do he decided to jump on board. Chris had a initial goal of getting to a 300 lb bench press. Well less than a year into his training he had crushed that goal, and has continued to move up. In addition Chris had never really trained his lower body properly throughout the years, so this is where some of his most impressive progress has come. Chris has gone from a 135 lb squat with horrible depth and form , to a 350 lbs squat with excellent form, and a 450 lbs deadlift at 165 lbs bodyweight. I am extremely excited to see everything Chris can accomplish with some more years under his belt with proper coaching and programming.

Min Kwak Graduate Student, Engineering

Min came to me wanting to change things up. He had some physique goals he wanted to obtain, and he current regimen at a certain "Planet Purple" gym simply was not doing it for him. Due to poor training and nutritional techniques that he had acquired throughout the years, he was left with your standard "skinny-fat" build. Min was ready to get rid of the spare tire around his waste, and build a body he could be proud of. The effort and determination was always there, he just needed to be coached on the proper ways to do things for his goals. About 6 months into his training he looked like a completely different person. In addition to his amazing physique progress, his strength has sky-rocketed. When he first stepped into the gym he was in amazement of some of the numbers some of my more seasoned clients were putting up. About a year into his training he now is the one others look at in amazement.

Bill Sica Educator, Husband, Father

Bill contacted me explaining that he had been trying to get fit and live a more healthy lifestyle. He had gotten off track throughout the years with his hectic schedule and becoming a father. He started participating in various fitness events and runs, but needed to start taking his diet and strength training a lot more seriously. Bill has persevered through a hectic work and home life to get to the gym consistently for about a year now. Bill has made many strides in is nutrition, however this remains to be his greatest weakness as we continue to work to improve it. His strength, function, and mechanics has made leaps and bounds, and he is now crushing some consistently improving lifts while be able to do more and more bodyweigt exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, lunges) every time he sets foot in the gym.

Dick and Eleanor Laing Retired

Dick and Eleanor had been asking me for advice for some ailing injuries and pain that have nagged them over the years. They decided to make it a priority, and begin a training protocol to specifically address there weaknesses. They are currently on an all inclusive plan to improve soft tissue integrity, bio-mechanics in the movements they use repetitively, and strengthening of their weaknesses to promote health and quality of life for the long run.

Michelle Welch
TestimonialI have been training with Anthony Campo since July of 2009. I have been in both private and small group training sessions under Anthony. The routines change regularly as to address specific needs and goals. Anthony has a real talent for listening to his clients, giving encouragement and pushing us to achieve new levels of results. He has given us recipes, health and dietary tips that enhance and promote progress in the gym. I am seeing the results I want and am very pleased with the progress he is helping me to achieve. I could not have reached the same levels without him. His techniques and philosophies have helped me both in the gym and other aspects of life; if you want real results you will not regret using his guidance and accountability.
        Michelle Welch

Nate Krome High School Athlete

Nate plays lacrosse and soccer. He was very undersized, but we have added about 15 lbs of lean mass over the past year. We are currently working to keep getting as strong and powerful as possible.

Mike Lucas Business and Family Man

We have addressed multiple problem areas resulting from injuries throughout the year, including shoulders, hip and back. Mike is currently pain free, and in the best shape of his life. We are currently focusing on dropping a few extra pounds of fat, while maintaining his strength numbers.
  • Lost over 35 lbs
  • Completed 500 push-ups in one session
  • More than doubled bench, squat and deadlifting numbers
Testimonial"I've always made a decent effort to go to the gym on a regular basis, but gains were minimal and losing weight was an ever increasing challenge, especially being in my 40s. I just passed the 2 years mark with Anthony and have exceeded all expectations. I started at 220 pounds with a high perentage of body fat. I am now a lean 185 pounds. My workouts are fueled by Anthony's high level of enthusiasm. His nutritional knowledge and guidance complements his unique physical conditioning and strengthening programs. Hooked on Campo for life!"

Ethan Lucas College Student

Ethan was overweight when he first started, however over the past 8 months he has achieved a dramatic transformation. By eating right and training for performance, he is currently very lean, and we work towards increasing muscle mass and strength. Ethan does not play sports, but can now out lift most of the athletes at his school.
  • Lost over 60 lbs
  • Completed 500 push-ups in one session
  • Dealifts over 400 pounds, on his way to 500
Testimonial"Before I began working with Anthony I weighed 265 pounds. I couldn't do any basic exercises, and was unable to even bench the bar. Within the first 7 months I lost 40 pounds, and since then another 20 more. In addition to that I've quadrupled my strength! I can do pull-ups and push-ups with ease and am lifting more weight than I ever imagined. I'm stronger and leaner than ever before and have a lot more confidence in myself. Anthony's infinite knowledge of lifting and nutrition separates him from the rest. He is a great friend and is easy to work with. He makes training fun!"
- Ethan Lucas

Alex Lucas College Student

Opposite of his brother Ethan, Alex started out very skinny. Alex was unable to squat 95 lbs properly. Do to his work ethic and commitment to proper nutrition and training, Alex as added a solid 20 lbs of muscle, and has built a great foundation of strength. I take pride in the fact that although neither Alex or Ethan play sports, they can out lift, and have a greater base of knowledge than most of the athletes that attend their colleges.

Brandy Brooks Wife, and Mother of 3

Brandy started out relatively lean but lacked muscle and shape. She now has an amazing build, and continues towards maintaining an impressive physique.

Seth Brooks Business Owner and Family Man

Seth's goals were simple, add muscle and get lean. He does a good job of staying consistent with training while having a hectic work schedule.

Katy Brooks High School Student, Swimmer

Katy has been training for two months, and is looking to increase her performance in swimming.

Robert Palmer College Professor

Rob started out with a decent upper body, yet toothpick like legs. After two years of dedicated training, Rob is putting up impressive strength numbers, and constantly gets asked if he is a professional football player.
Testimonial"I have been working with Anthony Campo for approximately seven months. Prior to working with him, my gym routines varied little and I experienced minor gains. However, since working with him, I have experienced spectacular results. For example, my arms, legs, back, and chest muscles are much stronger and I'm able to lift weight I never thought I would. I'm also able to do very strenuous exercise very effectively.

Anthony is knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, and motivational. He is very easy to work with and he will push you to maximize your full potential even when you doubt yourself."
- Robert Palmer

Shawn Parkes EMT, Father

Shawn came to me with one simple goal, to look "freaky." A couple years of training and Shawn is well on his way. A few bulking and cutting cycles later, along with an extremely varied training and nutrition regimen, Shawn has progressed from a skinny 200 lbs to a solid 260lbs. Shawn is currently working to get bigger, stronger, and correct muscular imbalances. Shawn is looking to compete in his first powerlifting meet this year.

Achievements - Increased Deadlift, Bench, and Squat Maxes by more than 50 %

Pietro "Tony" Melchiorre Working Man

Tony originally came to me looking to shed some unwanted weight before he went on vacation. Two years later, he is one of my strongest clients. We are currently focusing on improving his diet to improve body fat percentage.

Dr. Shehab Albahri Recent PHD recipient

Shehab came to me with ambitions of competing in powerlifting. He had some decent numbers to start with but needed a drastic change in technique and programming. Six months later he competed in his first raw meet and crushed it! He applied all of our technique practice to perfection and walked out winning his weight class, along with setting several records.

Ashley Edwards Personal Trainer

Ashley is currently training for her first powerlifting meet.

Kristina Delviscio Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, and Mother

Kristina started out looking to improve her strength and power in preparation for her first powerlifting meet. With an amazing work ethic and commitment to her programming, years later she has competed in several meets, setting multiple state, national and world records in the 114 lb weight class. Kristina continues to crush personal strength and physique goals and is currently looking to challenge herself further in a national all female meet in Ohio against the country's strongest.
  • Hold several state, national, and world records along with multiple first place finishes in powerlifting.
  • Has excelled in and finished multiple races including a half marathon, Civilian Combine, and the Seneca 7
  • 200 lb Squat
  • 135 lb Bench Press
  • 300 lb Deadlift

Asad Tabatabaie Working Adult

Asad is looking to add some muscle and get lean. This is his second month of training, and the first time he has trained seriously.

Dr. Sherryllene Pinnock Sherrylene is one of the hardest workers I have seen. Before she started, however her efforts were slightly misguided. Through proper programming and diet she has started to realize her full potential, and reach new levels of success.
Testimonial"I have known Anthony Campo, a personal trainer, for the past two years. I see him around the gym working with and challenging all his clients. When I first saw him, I was working out on my own and attending some of the cardio classes the gym offers. Even though I lost a lot of body fat on my own, there came a time when I reached a plateau and even my best efforts weren't enough to give me further results. I wanted to lose the last bit of fat that was hanging on to my body. I then contacted Anthony, and we discussed my goals and shortly thereafter he became my personal trainer. A few weeks later I was much leaner than I was when I started. In other words I had achieved my initial goal of losing body fat. Soon after we revised my goals and set new ones, I now want to be stronger and we are now working on that.

Whether you want to lose body fat, gain muscles or get stronger, Anthony is the trainer to work with. His workout regiments are quite challenging, which pushes your body to change and giving you the results you want. He is a very pleasant person to be around and he creates this competitive atmosphere/spirit at the gym that motivates you to push yourself a little harder."
- Dr. Sherryllene Pinnock

Jill Johnson Nurse

Jill is looking to cut fat and increase strength. In the first three months she has already made significant results in both.

Ben Cabot Business Professional

When Ben first started, you couldn't see him if he was standing sideways. Through many diets tricks I have designed along with proper training, Ben has already added a decent amount of size, and about 30 pounds of lean mass. Ben's strength has really started to sky rocket, and has already hit a deadlift of over 2.5 times his body weight.

Despite his hectic work schedule, Ben has continued to do what is necessary to maintain progress such as doing 100 pullups, squats, and pushups per day during the period he could not be in the gym.

Gina George Occupational Therapist

Gina has been training since 2010. She began by increasing her function and losing a significant amount of weight within just her first year. She has gone from not being able to do a bodyweight squat to deadlifting and squatting her bodyweight in a short amount of time. Despite some health challenges and setbacks, Gina has stayed consistent and determined. I can proudly say Gina is one of the toughest clients I have ever had, and it shows through her grit and determination. Gina's strength numbers are getting impressive and now has competed in 2 powerlifting meets, winning her weight class both times, as well as setting several state, national and world records. Gina has continued to hit records in the gym, and currently is the leanest she has ever been. Gina is prepping for her first meet in the 165 lb. weight class and is looking to hit an Elite Total!
  • Hold several state, national, and world records along with multiple first place finishes in powerlifting.
  • 320 lb Squat
  • 140 lb Bench Press
  • 370 lb Deadlift
Testimonial"I have struggled with my weight and health my entire life; this plan's adaptability helped it fit perfectly into my busy schedule. I love that you don't need a gym or equipment. It's the best investment towards my health and happiness I've ever made."
Cathleen Paciello

Karen George Salesperson and Mother

Karen told me right from the beginning that she hates exercise, but needs to do something to get healthier. She barely ate, but still couldn't lose weight. We are in the process of reconfiguring how her body functions, so that she can reach whatever levels of success she wants.

Merrie Warner Business Owner, Wife, and Mother of 6

Merrie came to me in search of heading towards her lifelong goal of being a bodybuilder. She struggled significantly with diet, and started to have trouble her regular daily life because of her weight. 1 year later she has a strong understanding and plan for her diet. She has completely retooled how her body functions, and is now a fat burning machine. Even with weight loss as her primary goal, her strength numbers shot up in the gym, and she competed in her first ever powerlifting meet. She won her weight class and set two World Records! She is on a role as she continues to loose weight every week, taking strides closer to her lifelong goal of bodybuilding.

Update: Merrie continues to amaze me as she has fully recovered from a major surgery. After we worked to rehab from the surgery, she has gotten back to everything she was able to do before and more. Merrie has also shown amazing discipline prioritizing her diet to get to her lowest weight ever! She has now lost over 100 lb from when she started!!!

Achievements - 300 lb deadlift x 3 reps, 145 lb bench press, 225 lb squat. Merrie has came in first place in 2 powerlifting meets, and holds several state, national, and world records. Incredible accomplishments considering when we first met, she was most concerned because she couldn't put in a full day of work because of what she weighed, and her level of fitness. Merrie is currently working towards another competition, and setting records at different weight classes as she continued to lose weight.
Testimonial" Anthony Campo is the best trainer I have ever worked with, and I've worked with 4 others.

Anthony has an excellent mix of toughness, understanding, and professionalism along with being outstandingly personable. His level of knowledge is exceptional, as well as his ability to adapt that knowledge to each individual. Anthony also has a great sense of humor, which is invaluable in a situation where you are pushing yourself in ways you never have before.

There are times when I intensely struggle with head hunger or the need to comfort myself with food and without support, I am going to eat everything in sight. I call Anthony, and every time he has excellent solutions. He is guiding me and supporting me as we rewire the screwed up hard drive in my brain that has caused me to be fat my whole life. I sometimes hesitate to call Anthony when I'm in the middle of a struggle with food because I'm afraid he will be irritated. "Shouldn't you already know the answer to this problem and just do it?" I think. Anthony never makes me feel that way. Every conversation I have with Anthony leaves me encouraged and EMPOWERED!! He is outstandingly uplifting, somehow without being mushy or permissive.

I had a huge struggle with apple crisp the other day. It was a gut wrenching, bitter fight. It physically hurt me not eat that apple crisp. When I discussed it with Anthony, he literally healed a soul wound with his words of encouragement. THIS IS WHAT CHRONICALLY FAT PEOPLE NEED. SOUL HEALING. Without it, every diet or exercise plan is just another temporary bandaid on a bleeding artery. You can bandaid a bleeding artery for a little while, but eventually it will take your life. That's what emotional dependence on food had done to me. It took away my life. We develop our dependency on food for good reasons. We do it to protect our hearts from pain, and food does that very well, temporarily. When you are sick and tired of being controlled by food, Anthony is the one to help you dig yourself out of your unhealthy habits. You should know, of course, that Anthony didn't single handedly help me find healing. For years I have been on my own journey with God and with facing the pain that has molded parts of who I am. I have other supportive people in my life who have helped me also. When I found Anthony, I had reached the point where I had done all I could without him.

Anthony is a positive, energetic person. He'd better be. Who the heck wants a negative, deadbeat trainer?! (I've suffered through one. He's dead now. I killed him myself. jk )Hardly a training session goes by without Anthony pointing out an improvement or congratulating an effort. His enthusiasm is contagious, and I always feel better after a workout. Not just because of the exercise itself, but because of the inspiration Anthony exudes, the good natured banter, and the support as a human being I feel. I don't complain much, but once when I did Anthony turned it around and made me feel excited about that torturous exercise I just did. He had me do some specialized pushups. When I said: "That is my least favorite exercise -this is just plain hard." Anthony grinned at me and said: "All I can think is how impressed I am that you just did 30 of those. When you first started you couldn't do one single pushup unless it was from your knees. You just did real pushups, with jumps in between. Many seasoned athletes can't do that." My attitude changed from one of "UGH I hate that exercise" to "Wow. I just did that really hard exercise. I did something seasoned athletes can't do? I'm awesome. Let's do more."

Anthony leaves no room for excuses, but doesn't condemn true hardships where one just cannot get to a training session. This is a hard balance for trainers to find, but Anthony does it.

One thing I like about Anthony is that he follows through. I need accountability, and when I say I'll do something, he follows through the next time I see him. This is critical for people who struggle with chronic bad eating habits. I have lived with myself for 43 years, and I know that under my own recognizance, I will neither eat well nor consistently. Knowing that Anthony will check in with me on how I'm eating gives me a compelling reason to eat the way I've planned.

Human beings eat for many reasons. Those of us who are overweight eat for the wrong reasons. I personally used to eat the wrong things and way too much of them for comfort, and for control. Anthony is working with me to retrain my brain and emotions. Control for me now is eating exactly what I've planned to eat, and nothing more. Comfort eating? Food only comforts for a few moments, and then turns around and stabs you in the heart. The stabbing is not comfortable. For a long time in my life, the stabbing was worth it somehow, but no longer. I am learning to find comfort in who I am, and in the love that is everywhere around me. This has not come quickly nor easily, but that doesn't matter because Anthony is in it for the long haul with me. That's what I need - someone to care with me in this difficult battle. Someone who has the strength of character, integrity, and knowledge to guide me where I want to go.

Are you serious about changing your body? Quit wishing you could lose weight while staying comfy with your bandaid on. Invest in yourself. Call Anthony.
- Merrie Warner

Rob Warner Husband and Father of 6

Rob also has aspirations of bodybuilding, however do to some health issues, we are currently working towards restoring his level of function. Rob faces many challenges concerning his health but has still managed to train consistently and make results, all while being of great support to his wife and kids who are also starting to train. We are currently working with a multitude of doctors to gain a proper diagnosis for rob, so we can best understand his condition. We continue to make breakthroughs everyday, and are working towards improving his quality of life, along with moving him forward so he can get back to his lifelong goal of bodybuilding.

Achievements - Rob has accomplished a 320 lb deadlift, which is extra exceptional considering some of his impairments. Rob has also seen an improvement of gait, and energy expenditure Through some neuro-muscular training.

Adam Holley Husband and Special Needs Worker

Adam has been skinny his whole life. He is starting with an excellent base of bodyweight strength. Through the proper diet and training program, he is going to put on a significant amount of lean mass.

Jake Burachalk Student Athlete, Baseball

Jake is an amazing baseball talent, with a promising future ahead of him. He has Tommy John Surgery a couple years ago, and is looking improve his game moving forward. Jake had never really trained specifically for strength and power in the past. I have him on a custom training program, and over the past year he has really increased his power and bat speed. Jake had a lot of natural strength in his upper body movements, but was lacking in lower body strength and power, and intramuscular coordination. Jake has made huge strides, and also has drastically improved his function and intramuscular coordination which has translated over to his game. Jake is the strongest/ fastest and healthiest he has ever been and now is a potential pro prospect.

John Drum Business Professional, Husband

John came to me wanting to look better for his upcoming wedding. He wanted to get back to shape he was in high school when he was an athlete. Long story short, John obtained his goals. John has informed me that he has surpassed his wildest expectations, and is not currently in the best shape of his life. We are currently working towards some new strength goals, while continuing to add muscle and get leaner.

Achievements - Lost 30 pounds while adding a considerate amount of muscle, Improved from a 155 lb to a 225 bench press x 3 reps (All time best from high school was 185).. Improved from a 250 lb to a 400 lb deadlift... improved from a 135 lb squat to a 300 lb squat in a a little over one year of training.

Molly Drum Teacher, Wife

Molly as obtained some of her fitness goals through running and yoga, however it had left her with a softer physique than she had wanted. We are training to become proficient at the main lifts while incorporating some high intensity training concepts to get stronger, add some lean muscle, and get leaner overall. Just months into training, Molly has already had significant strength gains, while feeling "tighter," along with noticing some muscles she never knew she had.

Greg and Peg Gates Judge and Teacher

Greg and Peg were looking to improve their overall fitness and health levels. Peg has some weight loss goals that we are working on through performance based training and proper eating. Greg has a hectic job and also plays hockey. He was limited by back and knee injuries he had suffered in the past. I am happy to say that we have been able to improve his function tremendously, and he has told me on numerous occasions the progress he feels in his everyday living, and when he plays hockey. Peg also had suffered from some chronic knee pain in the past. Through proper training, Pegs function has improved dramatically. Currently Peg brags that she is relatively pain free, is the strongest she had ever felt, and has "Michelle Obama" arms.

Wyoming Seminary Wrestling Team

Jr. Senators Hockey Team

Robert Hall Business Therapist

Bob had been coming to the gym for a while, and when he saw all the great progress my clients were making he decided to jump aboard to CampoTrained train. He shattered personal records in just 6 months of training. Now after a few years of training under his belt, Bob has some serious numbers, a phenomenal physique, and placed 3rd in his first powerlifting meet in the 198 lb weight class

  • Improved from a 350 lb to a 500 lb Deadlift
  • Improved from a 265 lb to a 335 lb Bench Press
  • Improved from a 200 lb to a 475 lb Squat
  • Changed from bodyweight pullups to adding 100 lbs x 3 reps for weighted chins in a little under 1 year of training
  • Bob also has some impressing bodyweight feats he is now able to do including pounding out numerous one-arm chins, one-arm pushups, and hand-stand pushups

Patrick Sine Law Enforcement

Patrick came to me to begin a healthier life. He had suffered through some health issues, and was ready to start doing things right through proper training and nutrition. We have already made some much needed improvements on functional movement patterns such as squats, scapular range of motion, and breathing. Pat has already made some dramatic improvements on his nutrition, and through a few months of training has already lost 15 pounds, while adding some much needed muscle and strength.

Kevin Polhamus Manager

I had worked with Kevin in a Physical Therapy setting to treat some back pain. Once we took care of that he was ready to begin training to get healthier and lower the risk of a future injury. We are currently working to address weaknesses and imbalances to improve function and prevent injury. When I first met Kevin in therapy, he weighed in at over 300 lbs. Kevin has now lost over 50 lbs, and is the strongest he has ever been even keeping up with some of the athletes I train. He has also become more in tune with his body, and is starting to be able to do things again that he hasn't been capable of in years.
TestimonialI first met Anthony while he was doing his internship at Physical Therapy for my back injury. He took me under his wing and worked hard for two months to strengthen my back. Anthony helped me realize that I would be prone to more injuries if I didn't concentrate on strengthening my core. Thus after Therapy I joined The Campo Team.

My initial goal was to lose weight and gain strength, 5 months later I am down over 50 lbs and stronger than I have ever been.

My initial challenge to Anthony was
"I have worked out before, what are you going to do to keep me motivated and coming back?"
His statement:
"personal records and success."
Anthony is always positive and energetic, he gets me excited to workout. He has a mix of being professional, as well as tough but positive and understanding. He loves to teach and train. He always finds the positive in a workout. My belief is he never puts you in a position to fail, Anthony knows what you can accomplish and challenges you.

To this day I get excited on days that I train. My goals are being reached and I am getting stronger each workout. Daily compliments of how I look are results of being Campo Trained. I needed a trainer who challenged me as well as made me accountable. He will push you to answer to your full potential even if you have doubt. If you want results, "Anthony is your Answer."
Kevin Polhamus

Melissa Hackford

Melissa came to me with a fitness background, and had a background in everything from kettlebell training to the warrior dash. Though her strength endurance was at a high level, she had some room for improvement in maximal effort training, speed and explosiveness. We are currently working to increase her abilities in these areas.

Cathleen Paciello

TestimonialAnthony Campo is the Best! I will tell you why. 4 months ago I had almost given up hope of ever losing weight and getting in shape. I had done time in the gym myself without losing weight. Then, I had spent an entire year with another physical strength trainer in the area. After a full year with this trainer, I had hardly lost any weight and made marginal physical improvements. I felt depressed and hopeless that I would ever lose weight and get in the shape I wanted.

Then a friend referred me to Anthony. I was excited to know that I had already knew of him. This was the same Anthony that had trained a friend to pass his strenuous physicsl test for the FBI!

Anthony assured me I could reach my goals if I followed his program of eating and exercise. He said he guaranteed I would lose weight and to trus him! I'm so glad I did. I have made an effort to follow his recommendation as close as possible and I have lost over 15 lbs and dropped one clothing size. I'm about 1/2 way to my goal.

Anthony knows how to help each person with their own personal goals. For me, I need food accountability so I text Anthony my daily food intake. He has come along side of me in this journey. He knows how to encourage and stretch a person beyond self imposed limits, building a physical program that will bring results. He is qualified both academically, and in his experience. I highly recommend Anthony for your personal physical goals. He is the Best!
Cathleen Paciello

Judy Papso Speech Therapist

Judy came to me looking to continue and advance her progress towards a healthier life. Judy had lost some weight, quit smoking, and was trying to become more active. The drive was there, however the methodology wasn't. She had been following the Weight Watchers Protocol, and was doing mostly steady rate cardio for exercise. Although she had lost some weight, this had left her losing a significant amount of muscle and strength as well. Upon further assessment, she also exhibited some poor functional movement patterns, and had some chronic pain she had been dealing with, mostly in her knees. Initially we had to work through many challenges in order to get her doing things correct, and on the right path to turning her body into a strong, functional, and fat burning machine. In recent months she has made some tremendous breakthroughs. Her function has improved at an astonishing rate, she has lost 20 lbs while also adding a significant amount of muscle, and her pain has subsided.

Ron Masick Retired

Ron's daughter contacted me about wanting to improve her father's health. He had never really taken care of himself in the past and now at an advanced age is suffering from many health issues. Ron has just started out, but in the course of just a couple months has improved his functional strength and has seen a significant improvement in many of his health markers.

Jennifer Woltjen Business Professional, Cross Country Skier

Jennifer attended one our my seminars at a college for the book Do This, Eat That. Although Jennifer is an endurance athlete, and weight loss was not her primary goal she noted that the seminar helped her to better understand proper nutrition and exercise. She realized she could benefit her abilities in her sport by becoming all around more strong, powerful, symmetrical, and mobile. We have assessed all of her needs and learning proper movement patterns in the body as to perform the most effective strength exercises. We have also started to address many of her muscle imbalances as to keep her healthy and injury free along with preparing her to get to that next level.

Jennifer has seen a direct correlation between her training in the gym and her running/skiing. Her improvements in the gym have translated to her fastest times ever, shaving significant chunks of time off her personal bests. Due to her high level of success she is now looking to challenge herself further with some more intense races.

Paul Tompkins Lawyer, Husband, Father

Paul has had various training experience throughout the years, but consistency has been an issue with his hectic life schedule. We are currently working on putting together a plan that will allow him the greatest chance at success for improved body composition and an all around healthier lifestyle.

Robert M'connell Retired Marine, Husband, Father

Robert has seen my clients and myself in the gym for some time now. Robert has had some success based on the advice I had given him, so after many discussions with both my clients and myself he decided to hire me on a consistent basis. We are beginning to learn the fundamentals of all of the exercises and programming that will yield him the greatest percentage of success due to his busy schedule. Robert has already made tremendous strides with his movement patterns and coordination. As often is the case with many ex-military men and women, he was extremely tight and immobile and has also made great strides towards increasing functional range of motion.


"Anthony Campo is the best trainer I have ever worked with, and I've worked with 4 others.

Anthony has an excellent mix of toughness, understanding, and professionalism along with being outstandingly personable. His level of knowledge is exceptional, as well as his ability to adapt that knowledge to each individual. Anthony also has a great sense of humor, which is invaluable in a situation where you are..."