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Posted on: December 20th, 2011 by Anthony

Being a Personal Trainer, and working in the gym for close to 60 hours a week you begin to hear a lot of nonsense. In order to be a top-level professional trainer and strength coach you have to study all the latest research, attend seminars, and apply this knowledge to both your clients and yourself. […]


"Before I began working with Anthony I weighed 265 pounds. I couldn't do any basic exercises, and was unable to even bench the bar. Within the first 7 months I lost 40 pounds, and since then another 20 more. In addition to that I've quadrupled my strength! I can do pull-ips and push-ups with ease and am lifting more weight than i ever imagined. I'm stronger and leaner than ever before and have a lot more confidence in myself. Anthony's infinite knowledge..."