Posted on: February 18th, 2017 by Anthony

It is no secret that today’s culture we live very comfortably. Technology has made life increasingly more convenient. We tend to also over-stimulate the reward centers of our brain which distort decision making. An example of this which I have encountered multiple times is people stating that they “can’t” drink plain water because they do not like it. This means that we have gotten to the point of being so pampered that drinking a clean fresh glass of water is somehow not enjoyable? Water is potentially the most important thing on this planet. It is our life force that makes up about 60 percent of our body yet many people find it to be a chore to drink few glasses a day which would potentially improve their overall health.

The lack of desire to eat the same foods every day is another example of how we’ve gotten spoiled over time. Eating a similar diet everyday not only saves time shopping and preparing meals, but also helps with maintaining consistency towards achieving your goals. It also allows adjustments and substitutions to be made easier. With that being said it is not necessary to eat the same things every day to achieve success, but more toughness is needed for an individual if they are complaining after 1 week that they are already “sick” of the foods they are eating.

There are some areas where I cannot give any other advice except for “get tougher.” If you have goals pertaining to health and fitness and are sick of eating the same food every day or you can’t stomach water then I do not have much compassion for you. It all comes down to perspective, and the majority of us have it extremely easy. I recently watched a documentary on a tribe in Africa where children have to dig for hours with their bare hands for a root to eat for dinner because it is the only food available to them part of the year. I would love to hear someone tell them how disgusting plain clean water is, and how sick you are of eating the same meals every day.

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