Posted on: July 7th, 2015 by Anthony

Understanding pain is one of the key components to successful training and therapy. Working in both fields and being an athlete myself means that I am constantly learning how to treat and manage pain in order maximize progress. Pain is not one size fits all, and there is a high complexity in distinguishing from all the different types of pain, and the best ways to deal with it.

I have already written extensively on the different types of pain as well as the best ways to manage the various types. The purpose of this article is to reveal a pattern that I have seen over and over again. I call this pattern the pain loop. If you can identify where you are on the loop then you can better choose the proper management in order to break the loop and begin to end the cycle of pain.

The Pain Loop –
Neuro-Muscular Weakness/Imbalance > Faulty Movement Pattern > Shearing/Wear and Tear/Damage/Inflammation/Injury (Chronic or Acute) Structural Changes (Temporary) > More Shearing/Wear and Tear/Damage/Inflammation/Injury (Chronic or Acute) > Continued Compensatory Changes in Movement Patterns > Additional Shearing/Wear and Tear/Damage/Inflammation/Injury (Chronic vs. Acute) > Structural Changes (Permanent) … Repeat

In Part II I will discuss what each of these stages in the loop means, and how to break the loop at that stage.

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