Posted on: January 31st, 2015 by Anthony

When it comes to training for balance in order to prevent falls as we get older, many individuals are missing some key concepts that could help them to become safer and less at risk of a fall resulting in injury as they get older.

Firstly, it is important to note that the majority of people of all ages and abilities lose their balance on occasion, and can even fall. Although strength, balance and coordination are the main factors related to falls as it pertains to training, skills play a key role in whether or not that loss of balance or fall results in a significant injury. The loss or lack of the skill to correct oneself when balance is challenged along with the loss or lack of ability to fall properly are most directly responsible for severe injuries resulting from falls.

So with this being said, balance training and fall prevention can be divided into two main sections:

1) Strength/Balance/Coordination Trainining Pertains to

– Maximal/Repetitious/Dynamic Strength
– Intra/Inter-muscular coordination
– Motor Unit Recruitment
– Vestibular System
– Proprioception
– Symmetry
– Sensory
– Speed/Acceleration/Change of direction
– Corrective Work

2) Motor Skill Learning Pertains to
– Stages of motor learning
– Law of Specificity
– Reaction
– Effective and Efficient movements
– Proper mechanics
– Energy disbursement and translation

I will be discussing all of these points in depth at my seminar June 20th at 12 noon. The seminar is free to gym members, and requires just the purchase of a day pass for non-gym members. This information can help you, your friends, or a family member not only potentially prevent a fall, but also prevent a serious injury as a result of a fall.

Important Note ***
As we get older a fall can directly impact our quality of life and independence if it results in an injury such as a broken bone. At any age becoming non- weight bearing for a period of time cam drastically affect your health and abilities. At an advanced age this could permanently hinder an individual’s body chemistry, body composition, and function. Proper training and skill learning can prevent this situation from occurring thus extending quality of life and independence for the long run.

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