Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by Anthony

There are many great training programs, including my 12 Week Maximal Strength and Hypertrophy program available for purchase on the product page or by contacting me. However, every so often you might find yourself in a transition period between training programs, or due to time restraints, might need a quick program to get in all of your lifts in one day. Here is a great training session for just that occasion that will still give you a chance to hit a personal record or two, and keep making progress. This is a full body powerlifting day that incorporates maximal effort, rep effort, and dynamic effort training.

Speed Deadlifts

Pick a deadlift variation you would like to train. Warm-up as normal up to 50 percent of projected 1RM (This is your first work weight.)

Perform a single deadlift concentrating on explosiveness. The purpose of these lifts is to be as fast as possible from start of the lift to finish.

Increase by 2-3% of projected 1RM and repeat. Keep performing singles with about 2 minutes rest in between sets increasing by 2-3% each time. Continue to perform singles until the speed of the lift reduces significantly. When this occurs you are done with this portion of the session.

Max Effort Bench Press

Pick a bench variation you would like to train. Warm-up to a weight that feels 90-100% of your projected 1RM. Back off to 90% of whatever weight you work up to and perform back off sets 3×3.

Rep Effort Squats

Pick a squat variation you would like to train. Again, warm-up to a weight that feels about 90-100% of projected 1RM. After that, take 75-80% of the number you hit and perform a repout set. Hit as many reps as you can hit in 1 set, shooting for a minimum of 10.

This program gives you ample opportunity to hit some records that day. If the training style is new to you, just performing these rep schemes, or combining them all into one day might be a record for you!

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